Non-woven fabric manufacturer demand, flour enterprises hard to packing

by:Sunshine     2020-09-19
Non-woven bags manufacturers more plaint, non-woven a ton of price has been increased to 6 - 'The non-woven materials are transferred to mask, there is no definite price packet, because the fabric shortage' has the such reflection of enterprise happen to coincide. Non-woven fabric prices, huge mask is the fuse of the upstream raw material prices to drive downstream demand scarcity, at present, the face mask with non-woven fabric prices, according to the daily price, parts manufacturers purchase melt-blown non-woven fabrics from 1. 80000 rose to 240000 per ton, the highest peak, melt-blown fabric rose from 20000 yuan to 400000 yuan per ton. And still it's difficult to get to the spot, this is not only determined by the supply and demand, middlemen add profit, also become the high behind. During the outbreak, in great demand, driven by expansion has many masks production companies, more than 3000 companies across the world do mask, China petrochemical, oppo, Toyota, byd, wuling, dilettante have joined the growing ranks of doing masks. Before the outbreak, non-woven fabrics mainly used for packaging bags, environmental protection bags, paper diapers and wipes and other products. Because the current is used to mask the non-woven fabric supply, and become a 'beacon', more than the original production of packaging bags, diapers with non-woven fabric companies halt production, full face mask with non-woven fabric production. The other type non-woven fabrics to a serious shortage of raw materials. Perhaps, you have doubt, face masks and non-woven bags materials there is a difference between! That why will produce the phenomenon so scarce, masks and packing bag non-woven materials, though not consistent, but the source of the material will have a certain degree of overlap, they are both made of polypropylene, everybody ran to concentrated masks with non-woven fabric production, raw materials, of course, is in short supply. In the face of soaring non-woven bag, flour enterprises should do? Non-woven price rise quickly, almost the same as the speed of the rocket, many bags manufacturer and bite the bullet to the customer price, masks with flour bags are not the same, flour bags is a product of long-term needs, such price increases speed, only the flour enterprise drove directly to refuse to use non-woven bags, flour, after all, is the product of the people's livelihood, or limited, cost increases, so the flour enterprise, of course. For non-woven bags, flour enterprises now seems to have only two choices, one is to withstand the high price to buy, shortage of raw material supply, after all, really, the second is, directly without non-woven bags, because it is can't afford this sudden increasing costs, is currently the wheat rose, non-woven bag, also the last who is to pay high costs?
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