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Non-woven material won the name in the New York City Marathon

by:Sunshine     2021-03-02
Author: Date: 2020-01-05 07:37:02 Click: 335 November 1, Kenya Stanley Bywater (Stanley Biwott) crossed the New York marathon in 2 hours 10 minutes 34 seconds . In 2015, there were 50,530 finishers in the New York City Marathon. Although there are no official figures at the time of writing, all the bets in this year's marathon are greater than last year. But what does nonwoven have to do with the New York City Marathon? I can think of some reasons why this marathon and many other sports events always bring non-woven fabrics to my mind. Number bib. Every runner has a number. The number bib allows race officials to time each runner and track the progress and position of each runner in each race. Each bib number is made of spunbond polyethylene non-woven fabric. These sturdy figures are designed to be fixed on a running shirt and withstand weather, sweat and tears while moving with the runner's body. In the Marathon on November 1, more than 50,000 runners had a non-woven logo printed on their chests and backs. sports shoes. Sometimes lightweight but strong non-woven fabrics are incorporated into sports shoes to help provide a foundation for runners’ feet while eliminating odors and fungi. Medical support. Marathon runners often encounter some unique medical problems during the race. Emergency rescuers are always ready to help these runners, and they have a variety of medical non-woven fabrics, including masks, bandages and absorbent pads, to help runners who are tired of the road. Signs and signs Generally, non-woven slogans are used in competitions to provide signs and obstacles to keep the crowd away from the runners. These durable logos are usually printed with race sponsor logos, and can continue for multiple races. Stanley Biwott may not realize that he is participating in a nonwovens competition. But the New York City Marathon reminds us that non-woven fabrics are indeed everywhere. Related tags: Previous: 3 steps to choose the right non-woven fabric
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