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Non-woven new material enterprises have made a profit of 7. 5 million yuan from technological innovation

by:Sunshine     2020-03-12
'The output value is 50 million yuan and the profit is 7. 5 million yuan . . . . . . ' This is an excellent report card handed over by Fujian Changsheng non-woven New Materials Co. , Ltd last year. In the domestic and international economic situation serious of big background under this 2011 new set up of enterprise how can contrarian rise? 'We mainly rely on technological innovation. On the 4th, in an interview with reporters, the company's chairman, Yu Changzhen, gave the answer. Changyuan company specializes in the production of non-woven new materials, mainly producing automobile foot pads and fabrics, automobile decoration and household materials, environmental protection filter materials and high-grade geotextiles for highways. Self-2011 '5. 13 'signing after implementation the setting up of the, when construction, was put into operation, was in revenue. 'The company has only 30 employees in the factory area of nearly square meters. Such a set of production lines worth tens of millions of yuan, after the raw materials are deployed, can be operated by only three people through computer control. 'Yu Changgeng said. Changyuan company attaches great importance to the research and development of products. At present, the non-woven products for automobiles and decoration and environmental protection filtration have the characteristics of high technical content and high added value, three-dimensional, jacquard and coarse surface . . . . . . All kinds of semi-finished products feel different. According to reports, the company's products have dozens of colors, only gray has more than a dozen varieties. At the same time, the raw materials are also converted from polypropylene fiber to environmentally friendly recycled polyester, which has created a precedent for such industries in China and reduced production costs. Last year, the company applied for six design and utility model patents, all of which have received patent authorization notices. It is understood that the company is currently producing according to orders and the supply of products is in short supply. During the reporter's interview, a Guangzhou enterprise called to order 5500 m² orders. Seeing the business opportunities for future development, the company is working hard to expand its scale. At the end of last year, the company has bought 28 acres of industrial land next to the factory, and plans to introduce four more production lines in the second phase, annual sales after completion and production can exceed 1. 3. 4 billion yuan. (Minbei Daily)
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