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Non-woven super fiber leather base cloth escorts high-grade artificial leather

by:Sunshine     2020-03-09
Natural leather is a necessary accessory for high-grade leather shoes because it is flexible, breathable, wear-resistant, folding-resistant, beautiful and has the properties of easy modification and modeling. However, its physical properties are relatively poor, heavy and uneven, non-alkali resistant, expensive, limited in resources, low in utilization rate, environmentally friendly in manufacturing process, and containing harmful substances such as chromium and formaldehyde, in the shoe leather, luggage leather, ball leather, furniture leather, automotive interior leather and other fields are gradually replaced by artificial leather. In recent years, high-grade artificial leather produced from two-component spunbond spunlaced non-woven super-fiber leather base cloth has formed a three-dimensional structure similar to natural leather, with light weight, high strength, uniform quality, aging resistance and wear resistance, anti-winding, rich and soft, good processing performance, high cutting rate, Variety changes, etc, and in the resilience, strength, waterproof, mildew, cold resistance, wear resistance and other properties beyond the leather, become an ideal natural leather substitute. One-Step + two-component China is the world's largest producer and consumer of artificial leather and synthetic leather. It has grown to 80% of the world's market share, ranking first in the world, but at present China's ultra-fiber leather production capacity is about 1. 0. 2 billion square meters, accounting for only 3% of the total synthetic leather, accounting for 85% ~ Compared with the ratio of 90%, China is far from it. It is understood that the domestic 'ultra-fiber leather' manufacturing technology has matured. The ultra-fiber leather enterprises represented by Shanghai Huafeng, Shandong Tongda, Yantai Wanhua, Wuxi shuangxiang and Zhejiang Hexin all use staple fiber, the two-step production process of loosening, combing and acupuncture produces ultra-fiber leather. The enterprises represented by Ji 'an Sanjiang and Langfang Zhongfang Xinyuan adopt the one-step two-component microfiber spunbond spunlaced cloth technology developed by Dalian Hualun Chemical Fiber Engineering Co. , Ltd, compared with other domestic enterprises, the process of producing ultra-fiber leather base cloth is short, with less investment, low energy consumption, no pollution and high product strength. At the same time, it also has considerable advantages in equipment price. 'There are only four production lines in China, namely, Jiangxi Ji 'an Sanjiang, Langfang Zhongfang Xinyuan, Tianjin University of Technology and Henan polyfluoro, with an annual production capacity of no more than 7000 tons. Only Germany's codebo and South Korea's BAIKSAN company have entered commercial production abroad, and the production scale and quantity are far from meeting the market demand. Huang Youpei, general manager of Dalian Hualun Chemical Fiber Engineering Co. , Ltd. said. Overcome natural a leather disadvantages what is two-component spunbonded spunlaced non-woven microfiber leather substrate? In fact, the two-component microfiber spunbond non-woven fabric adopts the production process of filament spunbond and spunbond, and the two polymers PET/PA6 are combined with a certain composite ratio, A new non-woven fabric produced by conjugate spinning, airflow drafting, net laying, spunlace, drying, rolling and winding. The main process is to use the spunlaced stripping technology in the two-component Spunbonded Nonwoven. The hollow orange petal-shaped microfiber filament passes through the posterior spunlaced to complete the fiber opening and consolidation, A two-component microfiber spunbonded spunlaced non-woven fabric was formed. 'High-grade artificial leather is produced from microfiber spunlaced non-woven fabrics. Because it forms a denser and messy three-dimensional structure than ordinary synthetic fibers, the leather can be made to the extent of falsehood, moreover, the peeling strength and folding fastness are greatly improved, overcoming the shortcomings of natural leather that is easy to mildew, stink, brittle and low in strength, and realizing the excellent properties that natural leather cannot possess. 'Huang Youpei said. Therefore, microfiber spunlaced non-woven fabrics can meet the needs of shoe leather, luggage leather, sofa leather, automobile interior leather and other fields, providing a good foundation and development space for clothing leather, it is an upgraded product in the field of non-woven fabric application. The market test gold was praised. On 2008, the first two-component hollow orange petal type microfiber spunbonded spunlaced non-woven fabric production line designed and manufactured by Dalian Hualun Chemical Fiber Engineering Co. , Ltd. was successfully driven in Ji 'An, Jiangxi. Li Feng, general manager of Jiangxi Ji 'an Sanjiang super fiber non-woven company, said that leather products developed with microfiber spunbonded spunlaced non-woven fabrics exceed the performance of leather in many places, it has a good market prospect in shoe making and leather clothing. At present, the company has cooperated with some shoe-making enterprises and developers to launch high-grade microfiber nonwoven products and accept a new round of inspection in the market. As of 2013, Dalian Hualun Chemical Fiber Engineering Co. , Ltd. has independently developed, designed and manufactured four two-component microfiber spunbonded spunlaced non-woven fabric production lines using two-component microfiber spunbonded spunlaced non-woven fabric technology and equipment technology, the production line has realized industrial production with a production capacity of 7000 tons/year. The products are mainly used in shoe lining leather, artificial leather, wall covering, tablecloths, wiping cloth and other fields. After the product is put on the market, the user reflects well, the product strength is high, and the uniformity is good. Scientific and technological innovation depends on scientific research strength, but also on flexible innovation system. 'Over the years, efforts have been made to develop the equipment and technology of two-component leather core and two-component spunbonded spunlaced non-woven super-fiber leather cloth, which has been boldly innovated for a long time and has been widely used in the field of super-fiber leather, it has been well received by leather-making enterprises and has received strong support and cooperation from Langfang Zhongfang Xinyuan company and Tianjin University of Technology. 'Huang Youpei said. Relying on innovative ideas, they use market-oriented mechanisms to closely integrate research institutes and enterprises, gather innovative resources, and achieve innovative development.
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