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Non-woven wallpaper, after solving quality and style

by:Sunshine     2020-04-07
According to the data released by the third quarterly report of listed decoration enterprises, the scale of China's existing wallpaper market is 400 thousand ~ 500 thousand tons, of which non-woven wallpaper accounts for 10%. As a new variety of higher-grade and more environmentally friendly wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers are gradually replacing traditional PVC wallpapers, and their future market capacity is expected to increase rapidly. The reporter learned from the person in charge of Taobao related stores and some companies specializing in the production of non-woven wallpapers that companies that produce non-woven wallpapers usually do a production line and produce and sell them themselves. The person in charge of the Taobao shop shangzhifang told the reporter: 'We directly purchase the goods with the factory. Generally, the quality and style of the products are mainly purchased. Customers who buy non-woven wallpaper usually do not require too much price. In general, quality and style are the key to determining the price of non-woven wallpaper. 'Today's non-woven wallpaper has quality and style, but' paste 'has become a new problem. Sometimes, for the sake of beauty, consumers have to find some professionals responsible for decoration to paste wallpaper for themselves, because they can't guarantee that they won't make any minor mistakes, and it will become very troublesome to uncover it again. The reporter consulted some places selling non-woven wallpaper. The salesperson told the reporter: 'The current non-woven wallpaper belongs to the 'disposable 'paste. Just stick it up and you can remove it and stick it again, but after a long time, it can't be uncovered. This is a defect. Shaoxing Yeying Spinning Co. , Ltd. is an innovative company. They use a kind of glue that can be pasted many times on the non-woven wallpaper produced, consumers can tear and paste non-woven wallpaper many times, realizing the desire to paste wallpaper on their own. Lu Lin, Chief Executive Officer of the company, told reporters that recently the company came to a group of customers from Malaysia and Brazil, who mainly came to purchase the company's non-woven wallpaper. 'customers think this wallpaper is very convenient to paste, the price is reasonable and has environmental protection characteristics. Because the product has air permeability, it will not cause mildew on the wall. Now our products also add flame retardant features. Overall, customers think our products are both convenient and easy to use. 'Then, Lu explained to reporters the difference between his products and other non-woven wallpaper on the market. He said: 'These differences are summarized by customers for us: first, it is not necessary to apply glue, it is very convenient; Second, the wall will not be destroyed when it is torn off the wall; Third, it is difficult to replace the non-woven wallpaper sold on the market. It is really difficult to remove it after a few years of pasting. Now this non-woven wallpaper that can be pasted many times can still be easily removed after a few years. 'Lu said:' The company's non-woven wallpaper costs 13 ~ 15 yuan/m, my customer is very satisfied with this price. Some European customers said that due to the current economic downturn, the current consumption power is not as good as before. 'It seems that what consumers need most is good and cheap products. After all, the price is too high, and the products can only face a small number of consumers. (China teachers' daily)
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