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Non-woven wallpaper popular high-end home market (Figure)

by:Sunshine     2020-04-04
20 years ago, wallpaper this'The things that come' Coming across the ocean to China, its emergence has posed a huge threat to the traditional paint industry. However, after several price battles, the wallpaper industry failed to take root in China. It was only in the last two or three years that the wallpaper industry began to emerge again, competing with the traditional paint industry for market cakes. Wallpaper market potential needs to be tapped' Many friends around me decorate the room with wallpaper, so the decorated house has more personality. ' Ye, a post-80 s Beijing girl who is busy decorating her new house, said. It is not uncommon for young people who share the same view as leaves. A statistic from home improvement companies shows that 47% of modern decoration families want to choose wallpaper to decorate walls, with young consumers in the majority. Wallpaper, with its unique taste, has won the favor of more and more modern decoration families. However, compared with international wallpaper consumption, there is still a certain gap in China's wallpaper consumption. At present, Japan and South Korea have the highest wallpaper usage rate, with more than 90% of indoor walls covered by wallpaper. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, the usage rate of wallpaper is also above 50%. ' This also means that China's wallpaper industry has great market potential, which is also the basis for the rapid expansion of the wallpaper market. 'Ruibao (Beijing) Wang Shumin, managing director of decoration design Co. , Ltd. , said. ' At present, the output value of the National wallpaper industry is only more than 10 billion yuan. If wallpaper is used as the leader to drive affiliated enterprises, the output value of hundreds of billions of yuan is likely to reach. ' Ren Changqing, vice president of China Building Decoration Materials Association, said. Non-woven fabrics lead the ecological tide of wallpaper. At present, there are many kinds of wallpaper on the market, such as plastic PVC wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper, metal wallpaper, liquid wallpaper, etc. Recently, a new type of wallpaper? ? Non-woven wallpaper began to become popular in the domestic high-end home market, mainly used for living room, bedroom or study decoration. Because the shape made of fabric is more concave and convex, it is easier to reflect personalization. ' Non-woven wallpaper is quite popular in Europe and the United States. This kind of wallpaper is mainly made of cotton and hemp and does not need textile, so it has excellent environmental protection performance. 'People in the wallpaper industry said. To meet the needs of the market, in Japan, some enterprises have developed a new type of non-woven wallpaper. This wallpaper is made of base paper and textiles with good air permeability, while the clamped non-woven fabric contains some special ingredients, which can absorb harmful chemical components in indoor air and prevent diseases and insect pests, it also has excellent functions of mildew prevention and deodorization. According to experts, the non-woven wallpaper made of cotton and hemp as the main material is made by directing or randomly supporting some fibers to show the structure of the fiber net, it is then reinforced by mechanical and thermal bonding methods. There are two kinds of non-woven wallpaper. One is that the whole body is a non-woven wallpaper. This variety has the advantages of stable size and stable expansion rate. There is no deformation of the seam at the joint, and it is suitable for large-scale paving. The other is a wallpaper that combines the surface of pure paper with the base layer of non-woven fabric. It combines the stability of non-woven fabric with the beauty of wallpaper, with rich colors and patterns and easy replacement, can meet the needs of consumers for personalized decoration. High price should be partially paved as a high-grade product in wallpaper, and the price of non-woven wallpaper is higher. Judging from the price of non-woven wallpaper in several major building materials cities in Beijing, the average price of ordinary wallpaper in China is 100 yuan/volume (Nearly 5. 3 m²) Below, but the price difference of imported non-woven wallpaper is relatively large, from more than 300 yuan/roll ~ More than 1800 yuan/Roll, wallpaper of higher grade, even priced at more than 2000 yuan/roll. Most high-end consumers buy imported wallpaper, while the price acceptable to ordinary consumers is 400 ~ Between 500 yuan/roll. According to this price, wallpaper is pasted on the bedroom, study, living room background wall and even children's room in a room of more than 100 square meters, and the cost is 20 thousand ~ 30 thousand yuan. Experts suggest that for most consumers, it is not suitable for large-scale use, and local paving is a good choice. (Textile and Clothing weekly Wu Wenjing)
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