Old clothes back to the collection business opportunity, can produce 0 per ton. 99 tons of non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-02-25
In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the hot weather, many people will clean up a lot of old clothes when changing seasons, and how to deal with these items has become a big problem. It is reported that the donation channels for recycling old clothes mainly accept of new quilts, bed sheets, sweaters, thick coats, etc. Many clothes do not meet the requirements and can only be thrown away. However, these old clothes treated according to garbage can only be treated by landfill, and some clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics are difficult to decompose and will also cause pollution to the environment. In fact, the recycling of old clothes itself can also become an industry. In recent years, Shanghai has piloted the recycling of old clothes, and professional companies have collected old clothes in a unified way. Residents can exchange old clothes for Family Green account points and redeem various small gifts. The recycling of old clothes mainly has two major uses: relatively good cotton-padded jacket, down jacket and other disinfection, finishing, donated to the disaster area through charity; Old clothes that can no longer be worn are treated with fibrosis and made into non-woven fabrics, recycled gloves, roadside fabrics, etc. Some pure cotton fabrics can also be used for processing garments after fibrosis. 'The recycling of old clothes has created economic value while protecting the environment. According to statistics, every ton of old clothes can be produced after recycling. 99 tons of non-woven fabric or 0. 99 tons of color separation cotton yarn is equivalent to saving 1. 1 ton of textile raw materials or 0. 8 tons of cotton also saves 35% of the energy for the production of the same non-woven fabric and 20% of the energy for the production of the same cotton yarn. 'Industry sources said.
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