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by:Sunshine     2019-12-23
I know that the textile industry is now recognized by many people as a gas industry, and the development of the industry is bottleneck. Now the textile business is becoming more and more difficult, especially this year, the industry has not encountered such a severe form for many years. Although the domestic demand for clothing commodities in China continues to expand steadily with the steady growth of urban and rural residents' income, the actual growth rate is significantly lower than that of the previous year, while the international market is generally depressed. The traditional physical store operation cannot meet the needs of the international market. E-commerce is an effective way to open up the international market. E-commerce is a supplement to the entity's business model. It solves the problem that textile business is restricted by geographical space and is more convenient and quick. As we all know, the spring of e-commerce in China, Alibaba, Taobao, bubble net, HC network and other e-commerce companies have fully proved this, e-commerce is driven by the general trend. When I first opened the store, I was not familiar with the operation of the store. I spend a lot of time every day to understand the function of the website, but there are still many things I don't understand. So I often consult customer service and consult their company on the spot several times. Thanks to the patient and meticulous explanation of the customer service, I was able to operate skillfully. Every day, my biggest pleasure is to know that there are many business inquiries. I know that my efforts have not been in vain, and I look forward to more customers to negotiate business. I believe that in the long run, e-commerce is a more promising industry. I hope that the online textile city can expand new business models, innovate new business methods, and strive to create an e-commerce sales platform that meets the requirements of the company's operating model and can bring huge profits to the settled companies. So that we can use the online textile city to open up new achievements, let our products be exported to foreign countries, and create a business miracle that belongs to us! Shop Information: Shaoxing County Online Textile City Xianwang cloth Contact: Zhao caixian Tel: 13605758564 shop website: http://sp00012889 . Qfc. Cn/
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