Overseas textile: Brazil's automobile industry's consumption of non-woven fabrics increased

by:Sunshine     2020-02-03
Global Textile network, July 27-In the past few years, the supply of non-woven fabrics and skilled textiles to Brazil's automobile industry has increased significantly, LART, president of Brazil's non-woven fabrics and skilled textiles industry association. Maloni said. Maloni said that the use of these products in Brazil's automobile manufacturing industry is mainly based on two factors. First, the development of new products focuses on this special sector, which creates new supply opportunities, the second is related to the growth of Brazil's automobile industry. At present, Brazil's local non-woven fabric production is 7. 4% is supplied to the automobile industry, while the supply share of skilled textiles to the automobile industry reaches 6. 7%. Maloni said:' Several types of fibers can be mixed with polypropylene, for example, with ephedrine, which can increase resistance, while polypropylene can allow the automobile to form in any form. Malloni said that 21% of Brazil's circulating PET has a non-woven fabric industry. In addition, the non-woven fabric sector has added natural fibers to its products, such as coconut, sisal and cotton. Maloni predicts that this year, the total investment in non-woven fabrics and skilled textiles will reach 1. 6 billion rials (US $89. 7 million). The non-woven fabric and skilled textile sector requires higher investment, mainly in new machinery and technology upgrades. The non-woven fabric and skilled textile sector generates US $1. 8 billion a year. For 2010, Malloni predicts that he expects sales growth of 5%-7%.
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