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Patent: a flame retardant non-woven fabric and its manufacturing process

by:Sunshine     2020-05-03
Application (Patent) ,: CN201110006185. 3 Application date: 2011. 01. 13 Open (Announcement) No. : CN102251409A public (Announcement)Date: 2011. 11. 23 main classification number: D06N3/00 (2006. 01)I classification number: D06N3/00 (2006. 01)I; D04H1/44 (2006. 01)I; B05C1/08 (2006. 01)I application (Patent right) Person: Kunshan Baoli non-woven fabric Co. , Ltd. , invention (Design) Person: Zhu Yunbin, address: 215347 No. 2 Zhengyi Tongcheng South Road, Bacheng town, Kunshan city, Jiangsu province, national code: Jiangsu province; 32 Abstract: The invention proposes a flame retardant non-woven fabric and its manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of the non-woven fabric includes: providing a certain amount of raw materials and flame retardant, then, through the screw extrusion injection of the raw materials, the net forming, the rolling mill rolling into cloth, the flame retardant process and the non-woven fabric forming, the required flame retardant non-woven fabric is finally obtained. The invention uses a flame retardant process to directly apply the flame retardant to the non-woven fabric according to a specific process to produce a flame retardant non-woven fabric with stable performance. The process is simple, the production efficiency is high, and the flame retardant is not caused. Waste. (China Intellectual Property Network)
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