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Pet needle-punched nonwoven technology and application field

by:Sunshine     2020-10-01
From remote ancient times, people began to weave, the textile industry is historically are occupy very important position. Textile industry evolution to today, under the condition of modern science and technology development, increase the synthetic fibers, and new varieties. Pet needle-punched nonwoven is one of them, it compared with textile fabric has high productive, production speed, low price, can the advantages of mass production, non-woven textile cloth more gradually development advantage. Pet needle-punched nonwoven is one of the non-woven fabric, precisely, the pet non-woven nickname should be nonwoven, or nonwoven fabric. Because it is a kind of don't need to rely on the traditional process of spinning and weaving fabric, is the textile staple fiber network structure was formed by directional or random, then fibres by strengthening pricker into cloth, needle hook, the web of repeated puncture, hook fiber reinforcement, and then transferred to the high temperature box heating reinforcement and formation of acupuncture non-woven fabric. It is made of polyester ( pet) Fiber as main raw materials, each fiber is independent, even under low temperature, 200 degrees high temperature can make is not brittle, deformation. Using native pet chip as raw material, through high-speed drafting, cooling crystallization and melt spinning, has a strong pulling force, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, good stability and permeability, etc. Pet needle-punched nonwoven in non-woven fabric production line and the proportion of big, general is 28% 30%. Pet needle-punched nonwoven recipients field very much, is still in development, in addition to used as a conventional air filter, dust control, can also be used for fruits and vegetables vegetation lock water moisture, filling, such as cars, furniture, home textiles, clothing and health care products, cushions, insulation series and so on, is ubiquitous in our lives, so to speak. On the market at present, the supply of pet needle-punched nonwoven belongs to the saturated state, but how to choose a good factory to produce your required products? It will combine the experience of contrast, wisdom into fiber producer through SGS environmental protection certification and UL certification, factory and the scale of production, price and after-sales service and so on, through the investigation, believe that you choose the factory quality will be guaranteed.
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