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Police special anti-static lining was born

by:Sunshine     2019-12-14
Recently, Jiangsu Jurong Santai garment accessories Co. , Ltd. independently developed the police twill polyester spinning composite waterproof moisture-permeable cloth PU hot melt coating anti-static lining, which passed the appraisal of Zhenjiang science and technology bureau of Jiangsu province. Police special anti-static lining cloth overcomes the problem that the adhesion of traditional PA, PE and PES lining cloth to Pu coated fabric will destroy the coating film of coated fabric and lead to water seepage in clothing, successfully solved the problems of soft and stable clothing skeleton, excellent washing resistance, good compatibility, low formaldehyde, no water seepage, anti-static and other functions. The technology is novel, advanced, practical, superior in performance and leading in China. The formaldehyde content of this product is low, almost zero, and the antistatic charge density is below 2uc/m2 after washing 15 times. The raw materials used in the production of this product are safe, environment-friendly and energy-saving. This product has reached and exceeded FZ/T64008- 2000 'lining for clothing' textile industry standard and JFB- 08 the technical requirements for the bonding of the 'Hot Melt Adhesive lining conditions' of the police Standard Committee of the Ministry of Public Security have been listed by the Ministry of Public Security as a 99-type Police multi-functional lining. At the same time, it is widely used in the field of civil and professional leather garments. The market promotion and application prospects are very broad, and it is an important innovative product in China's garment lining industry. (Wen Feng Justice)
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