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PP spunbond non-woven fabric production technology has developed rapidly

by:Sunshine     2021-03-02
Author: Date: 2020-01-04 07:05:00 Click: 836 PP spunbond nonwoven spunbond nonwoven fabrics for the past 20 years, spunbond nonwovens, polypropylene spunbond production technology has been Rapid development and being replaced by technical textiles and nonwovens industries. Polypropylene is produced in the form of raw material pellets by melt extrusion and filaments. The production of spunbond nonwoven fabrics is essentially based on the direct rotation of continuous filaments of polymer particles and subsequent nonwoven fabrics. The basic qualities of spunbond non-woven products include: spunbond surface density range of about 10-150 g/m2 100% polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric content The uniform distribution of fibers in the surface fabric roughly determines the characteristic characteristics. The high strength of longitudinal and transverse 2:1 continuous filaments (filaments) make the final strength of the fabric high. Spunbond non-woven fabric with a net width of 1.6 meters and a weight range of 12-150 g/m² (0.35 to 4.5 ounces) /Code 2), 100% polypropylene (PP) can be thermally produced sesame (nonwoven) nonwoven material. Spunbond nonwoven spunbond fabric products can be extended to the external environment to resist UV and UV damage. Spunbond nonwoven spunbond fabric products can be used as absorbents or insect repellents. The absorbent spunbond fabric is expected to absorb liquid for more than 2 seconds. Similarly, spunbond nonwoven products with repellency have at least liquid resistance in the 60cmH2O2 column test. Absorbent or repellent spunbond nonwoven products are commonly used in medical industrial products, disposable operating room covers, patient visitor fabrics, and doctor's clothing. Spunbond nonwoven products can produce burners as burners. The combustion conversion is carried out in accordance with DIN 4102, FMVSS 302, ISO 4589-1, EN 13984, EN 13859, the most important is FR u003d flame retardant, EN 13501-1 fire class B2. Related tags: Previous: Steps to choose the right non-woven fabric
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