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Printing process of non-woven bag

by:Sunshine     2020-03-22
The printing process of non-woven bags, most of the bags on the supermarket are made of non-woven fabrics. What are the brightly colored pattern printing processes? The following will introduce the characteristics and prices of these different processes. First, flexible plate printing, also known as rubber plate printing or letterpress printing, is made of rubber and pasted on a rubber stick. The characteristics of printing are relatively soft and delicate, and the corresponding printing effect is not so textured and realistic. Generally, most companies have more printing of trademark logo, the price is the cheapest of several printing processes described below. Second, copper plate printing, also known as gravure printing, is based on the principle of engraving patterns on copper cylindrical copper pipes. Printing is characterized by deep concave pattern, ink dissolving on the surface, fine printing effect and strong texture, which can generally replace screen printing and print most industrial products such as home, toys and decoration at a moderate price. Third, screen printing, called screen printing on the market, is the processing method of most traditional printing. The printing features are highlighted, very textured, and brightly colored, it is the most beautiful in the printing process, but the price is very expensive, because the manual scraper is usually used for drawing, so the more types of colors, the more processes, the corresponding price is also high.
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