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Production in non-woven fabric industry continues to grow rapidly in 2010

by:Sunshine     2020-05-09
Non-woven fabrics are an important basic material for industrial textiles. They are widely used in medical and health, filter materials, automotive interiors and geotextiles. With the global economic recovery in 2010, the demand for industrial textiles has grown rapidly, it has driven the continuous recovery of production, efficiency and investment in the non-woven fabric industry. Production continued to grow rapidly. 2010 scale more than enterprise non-woven fabric yield 1. 76 million tons in 2009 rapid growth 29. On the basis of 2%, it increased by year on year. 4%. The profit level hit a new high. 2010 1- November non-woven industry to achieve the main business income 54. 6 billion yuan with than growth 30. 2%, up from in 2009. 5% increased by nearly age points; The total profit reached 2. 8 billion yuan, up year on year. 6%, sales profit margin reached 5. 1%, up from the same period last year. 2 percentage points, 0 higher than the average level of the textile industry. 4 percentage points. Import and export growth. 2010 1- November flocculation, felt, non-woven fabric and products export total 2. 4 billion beauty yuan with than Growth 38. In 3%, the total import volume was 1 billion US dollars, up year on year. 9%. (Hexun Network)
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