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Production process and process of non-woven bag

by:Sunshine     2020-05-22
Although the production of environmental protection bags is still relatively simple, the whole process is still complicated to produce good products. Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge. The first is to choose the fabric. The good fabric can add a lot of luster to the produced environmental protection bag. The Fabric should first choose the non-woven fabric with no pleats on the surface, the difference between the vertical and horizontal forces is small, and the hand feels harder. The harder fabric can stand up and highlight the overall feeling of the Environmental Protection bag. It will also be more practical. The weight of the fabric is suitable for practical use. The best surface should be shiny, the surface gloss material is convenient for later printing, and the overall effect is better. After processing the fabric, it is necessary to make a large roll of non-woven fabric into a bag, and cut it into pieces and strips of small fabrics. General production enterprises will have automatic slicer or slicer, which is very convenient. Then there is printing. Generally, screen printing is used. If the bag is to be good-looking, it needs to be printed by hand. In this case, the speed is very slow, and the cost will be higher than the machine printing. After printing, it is sewn. According to certain specifications and styles, like sewing clothes, the size of the fabric, the hand, the edging, etc. are sewn together, this has become the finished shopping bag we have seen.
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