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Protein fiber spunlaced non-woven fabric comes out

by:Sunshine     2020-05-29
National Non-woven materials engineering technology research center and Xinlong Holdings (Group) The milk protein fiber spunlaced non-woven fabric and soybean protein fiber spunlaced non-woven fabric jointly developed by the enterprise technology center have achieved success. The results of this product development will give new functions to spunlaced non-woven fabrics and help to further expand the application field of spunlaced non-woven materials. The successful trial production of milk protein fiber spunlace cloth and soybean protein fiber spunlace cloth uses milk protein fiber and soybean protein fiber as raw materials and adopts special combing and spunlace processes, combined with functional finishing technology, the product weight is currently 30 ~ Between 70g/m2, can be designed according to the special needs of users. Milk protein fiber spunlace cloth not only maintains the characteristics of natural fiber skin-friendly and non-allergic, but also has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, good moisture absorption and air permeability, and excellent skin-friendly properties. At the same time, milk protein fiber spunlace cloth contains a variety of amino acids necessary for human body. The pH value of the fiber is slightly acidic, consistent with human skin, and has excellent health care function. It is an ideal material for beauty and cleansing products. Soybean protein fiber spunlace cloth is made of soybean protein fiber through advanced spunlace technology. The product has the functions of eliminating odor, blocking ultraviolet rays, emitting far infrared rays, etc. , and has the characteristics of fast moisture diversion, good ventilation, dryness, comfort, softness and fluffy, and excellent skin care; The product has excellent health care function and natural light yellow. It is an ideal material for beauty, daily use and sanitary products. At present, Xinlong Holdings (Group) Hainan Xinlong non-woven Products Co. , Ltd. , a subsidiary of the company, is applying this material for extended processing and development, ready for trial production of Beauty Masks, beauty wipes and various maternal and child care products.
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