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Pujie Group will invest in Asia to expand non-woven fabric production capacity

by:Sunshine     2020-02-18
Global Textile network December 30-Pujie Group Company (PGI) Announced in December 21, 2009, the company will expand its technology-leading production capacity in the United States and Asia to serve the health and medical markets. PGI plans to install the most advanced and customized spinning and melting non-woven fabric production lines in the United States and China. The related projects of this project will start construction in the first quarter of 2010, and the products are expected to be put on the market in 2011. After expanding the scale, PGI will adopt industry-leading production technology and combine the latest proprietary technology research results to provide differentiated products to customers. Compared with the performance of similar products on the current market, PGI's differentiated products will have better protection, softness and opacity, these outstanding performances will be fully reflected in baby diapers, disposable medical surgical gowns and paving products. Pgi ceo Veronica'Ronee'Hagen said:' The improvement of product performance and the expansion of production scale are an important part of PGI's current strategic plan. PGI's overall strategy is to provide excellent solutions to the market, producing high-quality products integrating the best protection and comfort performance to meet the differentiated needs of customers. ' PGI adopts a continuous strategy to optimize the company's global business. This expansion is an integral part of the company's strategy. Prior to this, the company began to invest in Mexican and European markets in 2009. Mike Hale, chief operating officer of PGI, pointed out:' At present, PGI's investment in global technology research and development has achieved substantial results, product differentiation and upgrading, and continuous innovation in production technology. PGI makes full use of its most advanced production and processing technology, first-class service quality, professional sales service and technical support to help customers develop solutions, not only based on solving current problems, but also looking to the future, to meet the long-term solution needs of customers. '
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