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Retail does not dare to rise, non-woven fabric manufacturers jointly digest price increases

by:Sunshine     2020-05-24
100th session, China export product fair (Canton Fair) News from the news: China's textile and clothing, footwear, building materials, ceramics, home appliances, motorcycle vehicles and accessories, machinery and equipment and other export products prices rose, the price adjustment range of products also ranges from 10% to 20%. . . . . . In such a big environment, how will manufacturing companies resolve the pressure? The newspaper tried to explore the above issues. Compared with this year's highest price of copper and other raw materials, which was 30% higher than last year's average, the price of non-woven fabrics was only 5% ~ A growth rate of 10%. In the view of Shanghai Lancome Industry and Trade Development Co. , Ltd. , such a growth rate can still be resolved by the company. Marketing manager Xu Weizhong told National Business Daily:' We are still able to digest ourselves and our customers, and the retail market will not be reflected'. Shanghai Lancome industry and trade development has opened a shopping network, including home, Art Collections, small appliances and other items, but the strength is still a variety of non-woven storage products produced by themselves. The retail prices of these storage boxes, storage bags, tablecloths and other supplies range from more than ten yuan to tens of yuan. Xu Weizhong believes that the price of non-woven fabrics used to make these storage bags has increased by about 5% to 10%. ' Basically, it does not affect the normal production of the enterprise'. However, he also said that it is essential to enhance efficiency by strengthening the management of enterprises. In the retail market, manufacturers dare not raise prices lightly. He said that such a small price increase, through' We and the middlemen give up part of the profits, basically to ensure that the retail market has not changed'. For example, for a product of about 10 yuan, the wholesale price for middlemen has only increased by 20 cents. He introduced that because it is a manual industry product, another important cost comes from the development of new products. ' When the model is fixed, it will be easier to operate if it can be mass produced'.
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