( S of non-woven fabric, SS, SMS, what is the meaning of SMMS? ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-17
S in the non-woven fabric, SS, SMS, SMMS meaning is as follows: S spun-bonded non-woven = monolayer fabric hot rolling; SS: spun-bonded non-woven + spun-bonded non-woven = two layers of fabric hot rolling; SMS: spun-bonded non-woven + melt-blown non-woven + spun-bonded non-woven = 3 layer fabric hot rolling; SMMS: spun-bonded non-woven + melt-blown non-woven, melt-blown non-woven + spun-bonded non-woven fiber screen = 4 hot rolling. Non-woven fabric is also called the nonwoven fabric, is by the directional or random fiber and composition, is a new generation of environmental protection material, has moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, qualitative light, no combustion, easy to decompose, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, with low cost, reusable, etc. Such as the use of polypropylene (more Pp material) Grain as raw material, by high temperature melting, spinning, steel, heat the top ranking paper for one-step production. Because of having the appearance of the cloth and some performance and called it the cloth.
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