Senbolt non-woven wallpaper, hollow paper-cut pattern is very festive

by:Sunshine     2020-02-29
Non-woven fabrics, I don't know if you are familiar with this name, but I believe that you have seen a lot of products made of it, such as clothing linings, masks and cotton pads for girls. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material with many advantages. Now there are wallpapers based on it in the home, and its product environmental protection is much higher than PVC wallpaper. Today's mini-editor will evaluate a senbolt's non-woven flocking wallpaper. Please look forward to whether it is worth buying. Evaluation brand: senbolt evaluation product: senbolt R808046 non-woven flocking wallpaper product material: non-woven product specifications: 0. 7/* 8. 6 m/Volume Reference Price: 580 yuan/volume evaluation Location: 3/F, Hall 7, Jimei home Dahongmen store Tel: 010- 87885493 evaluation details: 1. If you want to define a style for this wallpaper, the mini-editor will divide it into Chinese style. The background color of gold and red is a bit like the paper we wrote during the Spring Festival, and the flocking pattern on it is not only red and festive, but also has the hollow effect of paper cutting. Xiao Bian believes that such a visual impact color is not suitable for large-scale paving, and should be decorated with other elegant or cold-tone wallpapers. 2, flocking non-woven flocking wallpaper means that its substrate is non-woven fabric, and the surface decoration is flocking material. Flocking pattern feels soft and has a strong stereoscopic impression; Flocking is closely attached to the substrate, and it is generally not easy to fall off unless it is removed. TIPS: flocking wallpaper has sound-absorbing and moisture-proof effects, and is not easy to Pilling. It is very suitable for families, hotels and other places. 3, non-woven paper base from the section torn by the wallpaper can see countless small fiber silk, its fiber is thicker than paper fiber, easy to distinguish with paper-based wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper has good moisture-proof and breathable performance and is called 'breathing wallpaper '; Moreover, after use, the whole piece can be torn off to facilitate secondary construction. 7. Will it be difficult to take care of flocking wallpaper? I believe many people will be interested in this issue. The evaluator wrote the words on the suede with a pencil and wiped the handwriting with a slightly wet rag. It was found that the effect was very good. It was easy to wipe the stains clean and easy to take care. 8, burning test wallpaper environmental protection is not environmentally friendly, take it out to burn. When this wallpaper burns, it produces a wisp of black smoke, the burned ashes are granular, and the pungent smell generated during the burning process is small. Evaluation Summary: senbolt R808046 non-woven flocking wallpaper is a wallpaper with a jubilant feeling. The red color is very suitable for the wedding room, but because the color is too enthusiastic, Xiaobian recommends using it with other wallpapers. Because it is a non-woven wallpaper, its service life, wear resistance, moisture resistance, ventilation and sound absorption are very outstanding, suitable for home use. The Environmental Protection of the wallpaper is good overall, but due to the use of glue, the wallpaper itself and the burning will produce a little odor, it is worth improving, as consumers should pay attention to indoor ventilation after decoration.
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