Shandong Yucheng now 'non-woven' leather clothing

by:Sunshine     2020-04-21
'Sheepskin leather is only sold in 120 yuan. Is it leather? 'It was not until afterwards that some citizens who rushed to buy realized that they had been fooled by' clothing support. 'The big sale, brand-name leather only sells 120 yuan, only 50 pieces, expired you will never buy this price of leather. On November 2, next to a van on Yucai Road, Yucheng county, a middle-aged man in his 40 s shouted while holding a Big Horn. In the crowd, several people who have 'bought' leather clothes constantly praised the quality of 'leather clothes'. One of the men who claimed to be expert 'identified' the leather clothes snapped up by a citizen, speaking of good quality and low price, and shouting to let the boss leave one for it. Attractive prices and lively buying scenes attracted many citizens to stop, and soon the vendors were surrounded by people. Uncle Wang, who lives in the West Gate of Yucheng, saw that the buying scene was so hot that he couldn't help but stop and look at it for a while. 'If it is real leather, it is too cost-effective. Later, Uncle Wang did not hesitate to squeeze into the crowd and bought one. After returning home, Uncle Wang's daughter-in-law felt that the price of leather clothing was outrageous. After looking for a friend who sold leather clothing, he learned that the so-called 'leather clothing' was actually made of non-woven fabrics, with a gentle hand, the pulp is returned. On the afternoon of November 2, depressed uncle Wang reported to Yucheng County Administration for Industry and Commerce. Because the small traders are very embarrassed, playing a shot for a place, selling 'leather clothes' for less than half an hour, claiming that they have sold out and fled, and their license plate number is deliberately blocked by red paper, the industrial and commercial department could not catch this illegal trader for a while. Here, the staff reminded consumers not to covet small and cheap goods. If they find fake leather clothes sold on the streets, they can report them to the industrial and commercial law enforcement departments. (Qilu Evening News)
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