Shaoxing Textile: the market for non-woven terminal products is wider

by:Sunshine     2020-06-01
Global Textile network July 29 Zhu Mingming is a technical worker of Kangjie daily necessities Co. , Ltd. With the extension of the industrial chain of zhuangjie non-woven materials Co. , Ltd. , he came to Shaoxing from Guangdong to be responsible for the production of Kangjie cleaning cloth. Technology. ' I used to have to go to Guangdong for processing. Now the company can produce it by itself and already has its own fist products ,''Kang Jie' Ding Qiurong, general manager of the company, told reporters that Kangjie cleaning cloth has established itself in the market and has successfully entered the high-end markets in Europe and America. This year, China's non-woven fabric town Xia Lu non-woven industry has achieved a leap from product processing to production of consumer terminal products, and three new non-woven fabric terminal products enterprises have been established, since its establishment in May, Kangjie Sanitary Products Co. , Ltd. has achieved sales of more than 5 million yuan, Rongrong Sanitary Products Co. , Ltd. has sold nearly 4 million yuan, and the other has digested 150 thousand tons of non-woven fabrics from its parent company, intended to enter the deeper field of end products. Invest 5 million yuanKang Jie' It has 2 production lines and produces 300 thousand pieces of household cleaning cloth every day. Foreign trade and domestic sales go hand in hand. For more than a month, two production lines have been fully operational, and existing orders can be made in September. ' From non-woven fabrics to cleaning fabrics, the profit margin of products increased by 50%. 'Ding Qiurong said:' The profit generated by sales of 5 million yuan is equivalent to the profit generated by non-woven fabrics of 10 million yuan. '' Xia Lu has the advantage of non-woven fabric production base, and the products have been recognized by the market. If the products can be innovated, the market prospect will be even greater. ' Jin Liquan, the boss of Rongrong sanitary napkins Co. , Ltd. , told reporters that the mature enterprise acquired, rooted in the summer non-woven fabric production base, not only added a new production line, but also is undergoing equipment transformation, to innovate products and create new brands. Although under the financial crisis, the non-woven fabric industry is also facing realistic difficulties such as overall profit decline. However, as a characteristic industry in Shaoxing county, the government encourages enterprises to actively invest, strive for famous brands and carry out technological innovation to promote the upgrading of non-woven fabric industry. In the first half of the year, the non-woven fabric industry achieved a good sales situation and considerable production benefits, demonstrating huge development potential and industrial competitive strength. From June to, the non-woven fabric industry in Xialu town realized sales of 3. 2. 5 billion yuan, up 45% year on year. Most non-woven fabric enterprises, full-load production in the first half of the year, and some are still eager to try, actively transform and upgrade, and span the terminal products with more profitable and more suitable for strengthening the brand.
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