Shaoxing traditional textile enterprises have been transformed and upgraded to become 'artificial aquatic plants'

by:Sunshine     2019-12-27
Global Textile network June 4, May 3, Shangyu haitu, the farmer Ding Guosheng put a batch of pink non-woven fabrics into his Penaeus vannamei culture pool. More than 10 days ago, Shaoxing aquatic technology promotion station also put a batch of cloth into a river shrimp culture pool in Taoyan. What's the matter with this? Can cloth also be used to raise shrimp? It turns out that this is not ordinary cloth, but'Artificial aquatic plants'. Its producer is an ordinary traditional textile enterprise in Lijiang. Allegedly,'Artificial aquatic plants' On the surface, it is no different from ordinary non-woven fabrics. It is made of special technology and used in aquaculture such as shrimp, crab and turtle. It has the function of repairing water body and improving the quality of shrimp and crab. According to its manufacturer,'Artificial aquatic plants' Last year, it was tried out in some aquaculture in Shanghai and Yancheng, Jiangsu, and the effect was very good. Shaoxing farmers currently have an acceptance process and are still in the trial stage. According to Judy, deputy director of Shaoxing aquatic technology promotion station, they bought a batch of US imports from Hangzhou last year. Akeman'That isArtificial aquatic plants' After use, the effect is very good, but it is too expensive, a square is more than 500 yuan, and later found that Shaoxing also has production, and the price is much cheaper, then tried a batch,' The effect can not be tested until the shrimp is harvested, but in any case, this is a direction. 'The introduction,'Artificial aquatic plants' It can work, mainly because it is conducive to implantation reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, which decompose nutrients in water and reduce water pollution. Applying this principle, the city has also used the river pollution control. Artificial aquatic plants'. Reporters learned that the municipal water conservancy bureau used the 'produced by the enterprise' in about 200 of water when controlling the water pollution of the tributary of the potang River. Artificial aquatic plants'. ProductionArtificial aquatic plants' It is a traditional textile enterprise in Lijiang--Expo home textiles. Why does a traditional textile enterprise switch to do'Artificial aquatic plants'? In fact, the road it has traveled is a microcosm of the transformation and upgrading of Shaoxing traditional textile enterprises. Expo home textile was established in 1999. As an export-oriented enterprise, it, like many textile enterprises in Shaoxing, experienced an era of rapid development, but by the end of 2006, the enterprise had entered an era of low profits. Especially since 2007, textile export enterprises are facing'Five high one low' Unfavorable situation, that is, high raw material prices, high energy prices, high labor costs, rising RMB exchange rates, and high entry threshold for international markets (Anti-dumping)And the export tax rebate is reduced. At the time of the Army's pressure, the textile enterprises entered the fierce competition, and the inherent disadvantages of the traditional low-end textile enterprises were exposed. For example, the technical content was low and the entry threshold was low. In order to survive, the enterprises entered the melee stage, fight the price war,' Gross profit margin is only 5 ~ 8%, with little net profit. ' Huang Zhen, chairman of Expo Group, said frankly that under the pressure of survival, they began to consider transformation and upgrading. 'In the industry transformation, the cost is the smallest. ' He later chose to develop functional textile products and introduce Taiwan's advanced nano-production technology to produce functional textiles. At present, the functional underwear, socks, accessories and bedding series they have developed have entered the market for sale, because the products have good antibacterial effect and promote blood circulation, the market price is more than twice as high as that of ordinary products. The added value of products has increased, and the profit margin has also increased by about 40% from the original level. '
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