Shaoxing Xialu town strives to create the first town of non-woven fabric industry in China

by:Sunshine     2019-12-25
Recently, South Korean merchants came to the county zhuangjie nonwoven Co. , Ltd. to conduct on-the-spot investigations, the company has developed high-grade non-woven products made of new raw materials such as corn fiber, Pearl fiber, silk fiber and bamboo fiber. After the successful negotiation, these high-end non-woven products with high added value will become a new growth point for the company's benefits. The same scene was also staged in the county and Zhonghe Fiber Co. , Ltd. , and the company continued to have high-end customers from Japan to place orders. In the first half of this year, Xialu town, a famous non-woven fabric town in China, maintained a good momentum of development in the off-season of non-woven industry production and sales, and the peak season was more prosperous. Product technology innovation, market expansion and expansion, non-woven fabrics as the characteristic pillar industry of summer shoes, the two major industry giants 'and Zhonghe fiber' and 'zhuangjie non-woven' have continuously expanded production capacity and improved product quality this year, in the first half of the year, the town's non-woven fabric industry delivered a satisfactory answer. 'Zhuang Jie non-woven' has completed and put into operation a new non-woven fabric production line, increasing the annual output of non-woven fabrics in the whole town to 6. 50 thousand tons, 10 non-woven fabric production lines and 4 end product enterprises in the town. Under the severe situation of textile industry in the first half of the year, the momentum of both production and sales is still maintained, 1-Sales completed in June 7. 0. 2 billion yuan, up 21% year-on-year, and proprietary exports also increased year-on-year. 5%. 'Orders are too busy, the off-season is not light, and we have not stopped for a moment since the beginning of the year. 'And Zhonghe fiber' is trusted by Japan's high-end customers because it continues to improve quality and efficiency, and its product quality is guaranteed. The Japanese market accounts for half of the export volume. This year the first half the company production and marketing up to 4. 0. 3 billion yuan, of which the export value is 17. 53 million US dollars. The products have been in a state of zero inventory that is in short supply, and the four production lines are also fully loaded. 'Zhuang Jie non-woven' also achieved good results. From June to this year, the monthly sales remained at 500 tons, especially the South Korean market expansion was relatively successful, accounting for 45% of the company's sales. In the first half of this year, the company continued to implement its strategy of going global. For example, it participated in an international non-woven fabric exhibition held in South Korea. The company's exports increased by nearly 16% in the previous June compared with the same period last year. The domestic market also actively expanded its application fields, expanded to new fields such as wallpaper and home textiles, the domestic and foreign markets pulled, the company's output value in the first half of the year and last year increased by 14%. In order to improve the output efficiency, 'hezhonghe fiber' and 'zhuangjie non-woven' have made extraordinary moves. 'Hezhong fiber' selectively receives orders and scientifically and reasonably arranges the production of large and small orders. At the same time, it provides technical support for equipment failure in the production line to minimize downtime. A series of refined management measures have greatly improved the operation efficiency of the equipment, and paid close attention to staff training assessment and product quality inspection. The production capacity and quality are guaranteed, and the trust of high-end customers in Japan and other countries has been obtained. Foreign customers have come to the company to place orders. In order to maintain its capacity and quality advantages in the domestic non-woven industry for a long time, the company is preparing to introduce the fifth production line and will put it into production next year. By then, the company's annual non-woven fabric production capacity will reach 30 thousand tons, the annual output value is expected to reach 0. 8 billion yuan, while further expanding Japan's high-end market share. At the same time, technological innovation continued, with more than 10 products innovating in the first half of this year. While increasing the expansion of internal and external markets, 'Zhuang Jie non-woven' does not forget to practice 'internal skills', such as increasing the strength of brand creation and carefully implementing national scientific research work. On the basis of the city's famous trademarks and the city's famous products, the company is applying for provincial famous products and famous trademarks. The first half of the company reinforced spunlaced composite wall anti-crack non-woven material was named province science and technology results transformation second prize. As the subject undertaking unit of the key technologies of textiles for high-performance functional industries in the National 12th five-year science and technology support plan, 'Zhuang Jie non-woven' is working with 30 scientific researchers from Donghua University and Tianjin Textile University to step up the implementation of the key processing technology and industrialization of medical and health protection materials, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year. After the successful implementation of this project, it can be further expanded in the medical health materials market, greatly increasing the company's economic benefits. In order to support the production equipment and site for this project, the company also changed the workshop through the warehouse to the sixth production line. 'We will continue to guide non-woven enterprises to focus on non-woven fabrics 'expanding production capacity, extending industries, expanding markets, and cultivating brands', and encourage leading enterprises to promote industrial agglomeration with large projects, in the second half of the year, we will continue to host the China Industrial Textile Cluster Innovation and Development Forum. Zhang Weijiang, secretary of the Party committee of Xialu town, said that Xia Lu will strive for the first town of the national non-woven fabric industry through three to five years of hard work. (Shaoxing County newspaper)
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