Shenzhen spunbond non-woven fabric the company environmental protection shopping bag market

by:Sunshine     2020-01-29
This newspaper (Reporter Zhang Jingsheng) The high-quality environmentally friendly non-woven shopping bags produced by Shenzhen spunbond non-woven fabric company have recently been on the market. Since the country will ban disposable plastic shopping bags from June 1 this year, the market of reusable shopping bags will provide consumers with new choices that are both environmentally friendly and convenient. According to Yang nature, general manager of the company, polypropylene shopping bags produced by the company by spunbonded method have many advantages. First, the manufacturing process is short, energy is saved, and waste water, waste gas and waste materials are basically not produced; Second, it can be cleaned repeatedly and used many times, and can be recycled into plastic products after damage; Third, the design is generous, easy to carry, easy to fold and collect; Fourth, it has the feel of fabric and can load heavy objects; Fifth, because polypropylene is heated or burned and decomposed to produce carbon dioxide and water, this shopping bag has no pollution to the atmosphere and will not cause harm to the human body. Yang Nature said that the product has just attracted the strong interest of shopping malls, supermarkets and consumers in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other places, and everyone has started ordering. It is understood that in Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and other places, it has become a trend to replace disposable traditional plastic bags with non-woven shopping bags.
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