Shishi TES company successfully developed new shoe materials

by:Sunshine     2020-01-11
A few days ago, the 'new short fiber composite Hot Melt Adhesive chemical sheet for shoes' project successfully developed by Shishi TES non-woven garment Co. , Ltd. was supported by Quanzhou Science and Technology project fund. So, how did Shishi Enterprise successfully develop 'new short fiber composite Hot Melt Adhesive chemical sheet for shoes? The 'new shoe staple fiber composite Hot Melt Adhesive chemical sheet' project is a composite baking of non-woven fabrics rolled by staple fiber and water-based styrene-acrylic resin, which can greatly save the use of base cloth and hot melt adhesive materials and the loss of heat energy during the fusion process, and can produce high quality products that are anti-cracking and anti-layered. Technicians told reporters that the traditional process product is not only a quality problem, but also wastes more than 23% of materials and loses more than 30% of heat energy compared with the process product, which is twice the manufacturing cost of the process. The newly invented process can not only improve the quality of products and the utilization rate of materials, but also greatly reduce the use of fuel, which is of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection. The research and development of a scientific research project requires a group of scientific researchers to go through repeated research and development. It is reported that TES' research projects include: non-woven needle rolling method, composite application of water-based styrene-propylene resin, research and application of middle floor for shoes, medium and low composite processing technology and production facilities in stripes, etc. The new short fiber composite Hot Melt Adhesive chemical sheet project for shoes was put into trial production in October 2010 and officially put into production in March 2011. It is currently proceeding in an orderly manner according to the planned project. The Project Technology has also applied for a national invention patent, and the patent right is being approved. The products of this project are mainly used for structural support and structural surface forming of sneakers, high-grade leather shoes, sandals and bags. As early as two years ago, the company increased its investment in setting up a research center. At present, there are more than 30 technicians who have obtained 6 invention patents and 12 utility model patents. It is understood that the current manufacturing method of short fiber composite Hot Melt Adhesive chemical sheet in the footwear industry adopts the coating or scraping process, but there are many shortcomings in the existing technology. Compared with previous technical projects, the new shoe staple fiber composite Hot Melt Adhesive chemical sheet has its own innovative advantages. For example, using the waste heat of the base cloth, the temperature and residual temperature of the base cloth are controlled during the production of the base cloth to improve product quality and reduce energy consumption; Integrated production, continuous structural integration, reducing leftover materials, and more smooth physical structure of products; Energy conservation and environmental protection, reducing the use of materials by more than 400 tons and coal consumption by 2500 tons. (Shishi Daily)
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