Shishi TES non-woven fabric construction chemical fiber factory

by:Sunshine     2020-01-11
A few days ago, it was learned from Shishi TES non-woven garment Co. , Ltd. that the company's chemical fiber factory of more than 40 acres is under construction and is scheduled to be completed and put into production this year. 'The chemical fiber factory mainly undertakes the production of some special chemical fibers. Yang Guozhu, deputy general manager of the company, said that the chemical fibers on the market are relatively common, and the company needs some special chemical fibers, all of which are processed abroad, and the company has been using them for a long time, so I decided to build my own factory. It is reported that the chemical fiber factory will have two production lines at that time, one for ordinary chemical fibers circulating in the market and the other for special chemical fibers that are somewhat different from ordinary materials. Yang Guozhu said that self-built Chemical Fiber Factory companies can be self-sufficient, especially the supply of special materials, eliminating the need to get foreign processing, saving manpower, financial resources and material resources. (Jinjiang Economic News)
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