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by:Sunshine     2021-03-02
Author: Date: 2020-01-04 07:09:13 Click: 1017 SMS, SMMS, enhanced surgical gowns, disposable surgical clothing, Smms dress, SFS surgical gown surgical gown fabric enhancement film in A, B and C Provides 4 levels of liquid barrier. For surgical gowns, the critical area is at least the front area from the chest to the knee (area A) and the sleeve (from the cuff to above the elbow) (area B). The standard requires that the entire front of the surgical gown (area A, B and C) provide at least a level 1 liquid barrier. The back of the gown (area D) may be non-protective. Comply with AAMI 4 liquid barrier standard Fluid resistance-barrier protection against blood penetration and fluid contamination resistance to lint and abrasion resistance-reduce the risk of lint contamination on the wound and related postoperative complications Flame retardancy: in line with CPSC1610 industrial standard Low ignition microbial resistance related tags: Previous: Introduction of anti-aging elastic tensile non-woven fabric
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