Spring Festival 'and Zhonghe fiber' hundreds of employees give up rest to catch orders

by:Sunshine     2020-02-19
During the Spring Festival and Spring Festival, many enterprises stopped production and had a holiday, but the two production workshops of hezhonghe Fiber Co. , Ltd. in Xialu town were still rumbling, and the workers kept shuttling through the non-woven fabric production line. Hezhong Hexian Co. , Ltd. is one of the best non-woven fabric manufacturers in Keqiao district. Its products are sold well in Korea and Japan. In order to complete foreign orders on time, the company maintained nearly half of its production capacity this Spring Festival-- The two production lines did not stop production, and more than 100 workers gave up the Spring Festival holiday and stuck to their posts, producing more than 40 tons of white and flawless non-woven fabrics every day. 'Foreign orders are very tight, but due to the suspension of domestic freight companies, our products were shipped out on lunar January 4. 'During the Spring Festival, Xu Shouming, general manager of Hehe fiber company, who also stuck to his job, said that the company's orders have been placed in March at present, and from lunar January 4 onwards, the company will keep 2-Volume delivery of 3 containers. In order to meet the needs of the market, except for the two production lines that did not stop production during the Spring Festival, all other production lines of 'hehe fiber' resumed production yesterday, 'there is no problem in achieving a good start in the year of the horse ', the head of the company said confidently.
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