Spring Wall exhibition New Yan tepuli non-woven wallpaper recommended

by:Sunshine     2020-02-20
In the spring season, the home dress should also keep up with the beat, so that the white wall without any attraction is also beautiful and put on beautiful clothes. In this issue, the special brand wallpaper, non-woven fabric material, made of natural plant fiber non-woven technology, environmental protection, good ventilation performance, is the main substrate of high-quality wallpaper. Paving effect Map Display: evaluation brand: tepuli, non-woven wallpaper, product material: non-woven wool, product specifications: 0. 53*10mm evaluation details are as follows :【Wallpaper appearance] If you want to spread the wall in large areas, you should choose wallpaper with simple colors and simple colors. Light Pink, a few simple sketches, soft and elegant to give people comfort, the whole can create a warm and fashionable atmosphere. The surface of this wallpaper has a pearlescent effect, which is even more prominent under the light. blingbling always gives people a dream picture and a happy mood. The leaf pattern of the stick figure appears in a large area, consistent with the sweet pink color, it is very suitable for girls' room paving. 【Wallpaper material] Non-woven wallpaper is breathable and natural. This wallpaper contains wool. It is white and smooth from the back. When you tear it, you can clearly see the long wool, so the price is relatively high. Tip: non-woven wallpaper, known as 'breathing wallpaper', is the most popular new green environmental protection material in the world at present, harmless to human body and environment, and fully conforms to environmental protection and safety standards. Because the non-woven products are pure in color, soft in touch, elegant and noble, they are the first choice for high-end home decoration. 【Combustion performance test] The combustion test can determine the degree of environmental protection of the wallpaper. When the wallpaper Burns, the flame is large, and a small amount of white smoke emerges. It can smell the smell similar to the burning of paper, and the ash is like a foam, it shows that wallpaper has less impurities and is relatively environmentally friendly. 【Evaluation Summary] Wallpaper has become the choice of most home decoration. The brands in the market are more and more chaotic. Consumers need to know the relevant common sense in advance when purchasing. This non-woven wallpaper contains wool, is environmentally friendly and has a relatively high price. 1, the color is elegant, sweet and warm suitable for large-scale paving; 2, non-woven wallpaper is breathable, feel friendly and natural, containing wool; 3, the surface long fiber is obvious and has a pearlescent effect, after testing, it is known that the wear resistance is general, anti-pollution, air permeability and toughness are good. 4, no pungent smell, burning taste light impurities, wallpaper environmental protection is good. 【Special product display]Topli wallpaper
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