Spunlaced non-woven fabric principle spunlaced non-woven fabric process

by:Sunshine     2020-02-17
Spunlaced non-woven fabrics spray high-pressure fine water flow onto a layer or multi-layer fiber net to tie the fibers together, thus reinforcing the fiber net with a certain strength, the fabric obtained is spunlaced non-woven fabric. Its fiber raw materials come from a wide range of sources, such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene fiber, viscose fiber, chitosan fiber, microfiber, Tencel, silk, bamboo fiber, wood pulp fiber, seaweed fiber, etc. The principle of spunlaced non-woven fabric processing the spunlaced method is similar to the acupuncture process, but instead of the needle, a multi-strand fine water jet is used to spray the fiber net. After the water jet passes through the fiber net, it is entrusted to hold the rebound of the screen curtain and intersperse the fiber net again. Therefore, under the hydraulic effect of the high-speed water jet interspersed in different directions, displacement, interpenetration, binding and binding are generated to reinforce the fiber net. Characteristics of spunlaced Processing Technology 1. Flexible binding does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber and does not damage the fiber 2. The appearance is closer to traditional textiles than other non-woven materials. High strength, low lint 4. High hygroscopicity, fast hygroscopicity 5. Good air permeability 6. Soft to the touch and good drape 7. The appearance pattern is changeable 8. No adhesive reinforcement, washable 9. The production process is long and the floor area is large. The equipment is complex and the water quality requirements are high. High energy consumption
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