Story of Three-dimensional chemical fiber entrepreneurship: lesson of 'buying' in 400 thousand yuan

by:Sunshine     2020-05-03
'Starting a business sometimes requires a heavy price,' Zeng Liming said deeply. In the corner of the factory building of 3D Chemical Fiber Co. , Ltd. , I saw a lot of discarded non-woven fabrics. General manager Zeng Liming told us that this batch of more than 400 thousand yuan of unqualified products was a pain that his heart could not erase. The interview was cut from Zeng Liming's pile of non-woven fabrics. Zeng Liming said that he did not make non-woven fabrics before. In 1993, he went to sea from the government to do business, ran through transportation and set up an electronic entertainment room. In 1997, he found that more than 200 cars in Fengcheng bought plastic bottles nationwide every day, up to 60 tons a day. At that time, all the bottles bought by Fengcheng people were sold to Zhejiang and other places. He thought that Fengcheng has abundant raw materials. Why can't it finish the plastic bottle pieces? Zeng Liming said that he would do it. Fei ping pian production into non-woven fabric ( Downstream Products of chemical fiber, widely used in clothing, bedding and other products), Need a lot of money and mature technology. A friend from other provinces said to him: 'Just do it, your courage is really big! 'Zeng Liming has seen this industry that has turned waste into treasure. It is common for him to concentrate on production technology and not go home for a month or two. On 2001, the first batch of products finally left the factory. When more than 10 tons of non-woven fabrics were shipped to Panyu city, Guangdong province, the customer said that the products were unqualified and refused. The goods from more than 200 thousand yuan were 'blocked' in this way. Zeng Liming returned the non-woven fabrics to the factory and carefully piled them in one corner of the factory with more than 10 tons of non-woven fabrics that had not yet been sold. He wants this batch of unqualified products worth more than 400 thousand yuan to become a vivid teaching material for the whole company, so that all employees can remember this painful lesson. Zeng Liming said: 'Looking at these products every day is like sounding a wake-up call to yourself, telling yourself not to forget failure, hard work, and steady progress. 'He borrowed another 200 thousand yuan, took out unqualified products and studied them carefully to further explore the production technology. Finally, the non-woven fabrics and hollow fibers produced by the company opened up the markets outside the province and sold them to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places. At present, 3D company processes 10 thousand tons of waste plastics and produces 750 tons of non-woven fabrics annually. Zeng Liming told reporters that the company is expanding the production line of polyester staple fiber and three-dimensional hollow fiber, with a total investment of 30 million yuan. Upon completion, the company can produce 10 thousand tons of chemical fiber and 1250 tons of non-woven fabric annually. At the same time, the company is still handling the formalities of self-operated import and export rights, and intends to enter the international market. The 35-year-old Zeng Liming first tasted the sweetness, but he said modestly that the business has not been successful and the company has just started a good start. What impressed him was that his own business must be tasted, but the most important thing is the support of all walks of life. With the initial lessons of starting a business and the support of external forces, Zeng Liming is confident that the output value of the enterprise will exceed yuan in the shortest time, becoming the largest private enterprise in the same industry in the province. Looking at Zeng Liming, who is full of ambition, we are convinced of this. News link: entrepreneurial voice Yang Chunping (Deputy general manager of Huayang down Co. , Ltd) : Entrepreneurship must have a mass base. This is an experience of our business. Only in this way can we drive more people to achieve entrepreneurship. The two are interdependent. Zeng Liming (General manager of Jiangxi 3D Chemical Fiber Co. , Ltd) : Entrepreneurship is inseparable from the strong support of governments and departments at all levels. This is my deep feeling. Every enterprise in Fengcheng city has city leaders to help solve various problems of entrepreneurs in a timely manner. It was the party and the government that gave me confidence and substantive support. My company is facing an on-line expansion period. Funds are the main problem. I sincerely hope that leaders at all levels can continue to support and help. Xin Xiaomin (Mayor of Fengcheng city) : Fengcheng's path of circular economy is not a whim, but a conclusion drawn through scientific analysis and judgment in the face of the current situation of Fengcheng's development. It is the only way to build a harmonious society and realize the sustainable development of the city economy and the comprehensive well-off of Fengcheng. (Jiangxi Daily)
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