Successful development in Japan can reduce virus non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2020-03-02
Japan's Daiwa textile announced that it has successfully developed anti-virus non-woven fabrics that can greatly reduce the number of viruses in a short period of time, and can expect anti-bacterial products such as masks made of this material, as an effective tool to deal with avian influenza virus. Daiwa textile pointed out at the press conference that the company cooperated with bird University to successfully develop this antiviral non-woven fabric using mineral raw materials. This material is expected to be used in masks, air cleaning filters and other products to help greatly reduce the spread of viruses. Daiwa textile pointed out that the results of experiments on H5 avian influenza virus using this non-woven fabric showed that the non-woven fabric was in contact with avian influenza virus solution for one minute at 4 degrees Celsius, the number of infectious viruses is reduced by 99. 99%, and the persistence of the effect is also higher than that of ordinary non-woven fabrics. The Affiliated Hospital of the University of Medicine is conducting an empirical experiment on this material to confirm its effect. Non-woven fabrics usually use the adhesive such as synthetic resin to connect the shape of the synthetic cloth, which is elastic, and good ventilation, is its characteristic.
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