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Sunshine Nonwoven Fabric Company Spring Festival party


At the end of each year, various companies in China hold 

gatherings to summarize the achievements of the past year.

5th February night, Sunshine Company had a party for 

celebrating and welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival.

The party is divided into 3 parts, eating, games and awards.


Soon of the party beginning,Abalones, lobsters and other 

delicious foods are constantly on our dinner plates, everyone 

feasts and praises.

We started our games between the meal, Word connection, 

idiom connection etc. The most interesting thing is word 

connection.When the host says a word, everyone must add 

a word to it and ensure the integrity of the sentence.

When it is going to begin to the idiom connection

We are divided into two teams in groups of six. Every time 

there is a team that cannot continue, we must withdraw from 

one until the team succeeds.For the prize, everyone racked 

their brains to compete intellectually.

Finally came to the awarding session. The best performers and the most new customers were rewarded.The year-end awards have also been moved to the award table one by one


This year’s sunshine has achieved very good results,I hope to make persistent efforts next year and achieve better results.

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