'Swine flu' epidemic triggered business opportunities for medical non-woven fabric exports

by:Sunshine     2020-05-05
Global Textile network April 30, experts said, with'Swine flu' In the coming, the demand for medical protective products such as masks will further maintain a growth trend, and medical textiles, especially non-woven fabrics and other industries will generate huge business opportunities. 'Swine flu' The outbreak will be another test for the global economy in the trough, but industry insiders also pointed out,'Swine flu' It will bring huge business opportunities to medical textiles, especially non-woven fabrics and other industries. Some mask companies have said that they are in full production and the number of orders is still soaring. In an interview with reporters, Zhao Yuan, head of Qingdao Meiting knitting Hood factory, said,'Swine flu' After the incident, the factory started the full-load production of the machine, and domestic wholesalers placed orders one after another. The number of masks ordered soared, basically 50 thousand per day ~ Between 200 thousand. However, the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou lvjia non-woven Products Co. , Ltd. also said,'Swine flu' The incident is still unclear, and enterprises cannot blindly mass produce mask products because of disrupting normal work. But,'Swine flu' The incident also implies that the demand for protective products such as masks is slowly showing up. At present, we can look for sales hotspots through close attention. Statistics show that the total output of non-woven fabrics nationwide has increased by more than in three years from 2006. 10 thousand tons changed to 2008. 510 thousand tons, up 56. 13%. Specifically from the industrial point of view, Ma Xinzheng believes,'Swine flu' The inspiration to the enterprise is to make more efforts on the functionality of the product. From the perspective of consumption, it is necessary to raise consumers' awareness of disposable health care products such as disinfection wet wipes and disinfection of non-woven wet towels, and increase the popularity of disposable goods. Ma Xinzheng also suggested that relevant enterprises seize the opportunity as soon as possibleSwine flu' With the spread of textiles, especially industrial textiles and clothing, the demand will increase significantly, and the opportunity for domestic textile enterprises to expand their exports is just around the corner.
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