Talk about the development trend of melt-blown non-woven non-woven fabric manufacturer

by:Sunshine     2020-09-19
Many influence factors of melt-blown non-woven fabric quality melt-blown non-woven industry development trend analysis, used for air purifier, as the high efficiency, high efficiency air filter and is used for large flow velocity in the coarse, effect of air filter. With small resistance, strength, have excellent acid-proof alkaline, anti-corrosive, efficiency, stability, long service life, low price, etc. With its after purification of gases without filter material loss of short-staple phenomenon. Made of melt-blown cloth dust mouth breathing resistance is small, not short, dust control efficiency is as high as 99%, widely used in hospitals, food processing, mining and other workplace to dust, prevent bacteria. Products after special treatment anti-inflammatory analgesic membrane made of, permeability is good, non-toxic side effects, easy to use, and spun-bonded fabric of SMS composite products are widely used in the production of sanitary products such as surgical clothes. Polypropylene melt-blown filter cloth used for acidic and alkaline liquid, oil, oil has very excellent performance, such as battery industry at home and abroad has long been regarded as a good membrane material, and has been widely used, not only reduces the cost of battery, simplifies the process, and greatly reduce the weight and volume of the battery. Polypropylene melt-blown cloth into all kinds of oil absorption material, oil absorption can reach 14 - weight 15 times, which are widely used in environmental protection engineering, oil/water separation engineering, in addition, in the industrial production, oil and dust cleaning materials. These applications are give full play to the characteristics of the polypropylene itself and melt-blown superfine fiber adsorption system. Melt-blown superfine fiber mean diameter in 0. Between 5 ~ 5 m, large specific surface area, forming a large number of micro pore in the cloth, and high porosity. Store has a lot of air in this structure, can effectively prevent heat loss, has excellent heat preservation, is widely used in clothing and all kinds of insulation material production. Melt-blown non-woven industry development trend analysis, such as a leather jacket, ski jacket, winter coat, cotton cloth, etc. , have qualitative light, heat preservation, moisture absorption, permeability is good, mildew, etc. In the fight against the epidemic, melt-blown non-woven demonstrated excellence in protection and isolation function, get the recognition and favor of the market, attracted a large expansion. Market of melt-blown non-woven application scenarios are mining, after the outbreak, both at home and abroad to 'filter' and 'purification' unprecedented attention to ascend, melt-blown fabric development will be more broad.
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