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( Textile industry also faces the eight bumpy, walk not to the past, to complete; Goes to play ten years! ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-14
But painful in the industry, textile and apparel are among the best. Especially in the current market, let a person cannot bear to look at, textile and clothing industry has experienced many times of shuffling, since 2017 to enter to intelligent manufacturing, flexible production transformation, now 2019, the third year, the candy you can resist? Even up to now, the textile industry also faces the eight bumpy, walk not to the past, to complete; Goes to play ten years! 1, order: the small batch, batches at present, the textile industry is geared to the needs of environmental protection, the trend of diversification, personalization, functional development, the original single varieties obviously not suitable for industry development, is not in conformity with the industry demand of products will have no way to pin. It is because the products to the diversified development trend, the product small batch, batches, once the market consumption, inventory is only this kind of product. So, the product small batch purchase, timely replenishment of will is the main demand of downstream factory. Therefore, how to deal with small batch, batch production will become more a big textile industry. Mass production of finished products will face numerous 'pit' : either no orders, or difficult to collect money, either directly to the inventory. 2, the development of candy: close to demand today, the textile industry product development is facing a more difficult time: not advocate their products personality, developer talent will be useless; To claim his own personality, how to extract the accurate user demand in the public and form batch production, and developers can't solve the difficult problem. At present, the textile industry generally limited feedback demand, especially in the case of a gleam of market consumption index on the low side, textile product developers are living a very helpless pain of life: or develop, or fall, not careful, will make a warehouse full of stock. 3, production and processing: the textile and apparel production and processing of flexible supply chain link challenge, is rooted in personalized consumption market dominance. So, large quantities of orders into again, batch, small batch, more rapid response order become the norm. Textile and garment factory in the new period must across several candy to everything, to the rain the rain: online multi-channel development management; The supply chain must be able to batches for small batch, rapid response services; Planning and operating their own brands, time for a rainy day. Perfect and stable supply chain channel; This a few not in the past, light OEM for others, always passive. 4, brand: the sale is origin brand business will face a series of new considerations: don't put customer improper 'rations' : so, advertising must shift from advertising to sell and delight, intention to please customers will become the key point. Don't put the story as 'rations' : in the past do brand in order to 'at ease', will make up a story. But today, as long as customers are willing to 3 years to 5 years of brand, also can suddenly increase from 0 to the scale of billions. Don't make advertising 'rations' : in the channel is very simplified today, want to rely on advertising to open the market, and also want to add the idea of the wool is on sheep's body all the customers, is bound to be more and more unreliable. 5, equipment: totally achieved intellecturalization and automatization of textile and apparel category is various, the current is only part of the process really realized the automation, the future to realize machine substitution and a research and development of long distance to go. From the traditional closed assembly lines to quick mode, the least of which is the equipment in many small and medium-sized enterprises in China cannot afford the high cost. Equipment research and development such as process design, does not pay attention to intellectual property patents, the early stage of the scientific research and development to spend a lot of manpower, slightly by other equipment company or cattle people carelessly 'copy'. More and more: the speciality of 6, process, function and biochemical wear clothes to wear for thousands of years, for today's people lazy. So, wash and wear process became the standard process. More and more tight dress, also became the status quo of high elastic fabrics popular today. In order to reflect the beauty of human body, developers more and more bold, use a lot of strange design elements, process is often can not meet the requirements, also caused some works, unable to form the humiliation of a product. The emergence of active biological material, may give we will build a layer of self monitoring, environmental monitoring, repair and cut their own, their batteries, discoloration and master their own 'skin' of the changes in temperature. 7, crossover camp: no border 'old as you are, not as good as new' this sentence have changed, full-featured smart textile and clothing with our times, may be a lifetime. The continuous development of science and technology, make clothing, we are seeking to produce high-tech smart skin fusion technology elements, elements of plants, biological elements, elements of information technology and so on. 8, talent: find talent, also do not leave the talent 'the 21st century what is expensive? The talent! ', this is a classic lines in the movie, says the current regardless of the industry, as the motive force of sustainable development - — Talents, more and more precious! 'Hire difficult', is a pain in the neck of each garment enterprises. Can call a person afflictive, textile and garment factory side recruit less than people in the outside, one side is the original factory workers and managers constantly in loss. As one of the textile enterprises, a few years ago dongguan humen because of another new factory poaching, leading to an overall job-hopping, dozens of people enterprise also because of weakened, several years didn't recover. Say so, the textile and garment enterprises have to face the 'how to recruit talent, how to retain talent' this candy! The loss of employees, mainly are the factory's low welfare treatment, work environment and work overtime time is long, etc. Enterprise if only stay in low profit condition, the boss to make money, can only rely on the extension of the workers working time. Want to change the status quo, or lean management, improve product quality and added value, to shorten the work time, improve the working environment.
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