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The 8th Asian non-woven Technology Innovation Forum will be held in Shanghai

by:Sunshine     2020-01-05
The 8th Asian non-woven technology innovation and application Summit Forum will be held in Shanghai from October. With the global economic recovery in 2011, the demand for industrial textiles has increased rapidly, driving the continuous recovery of production and benefits in the non-woven fabric industry. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the national non-woven fabric 2011-The total output in May was 65. 940 thousand tons, an increase of over the same period last year. 93%. According to a conservative estimate of 8% annual growth, China's non-woven fabric production is expected to exceed 13 million tons by 2030. The 8th Asian non-woven technology innovation and application Summit Forum will present a variety of conference forms such as keynote speeches, special seminars, brainstorming, expert questions and answers, etc, it involves the most popular functional wet wipes, facial masks and other application fields. At that time, the forum will attract more than 200 experts from the industry to gather together. I believe it will bring new experiences, new ideas and new application fields to all participants. Some topics of the meeting: diaper special-quality status and development direction of Chinese diapers-interpretation of the latest standards in the diaper products industry-the latest design concept of diaper products-from adult diapers to incontinence care products wipes and masks-velvet hidden high-end care and environmental protection new materials-research and development of infant skin care wipes-versatility and safety of wet wipes-Latest Formula design and process of mask products part speaker: mr. Jiao Yong: Shanghai Fengge non-woven fabric Co. , Ltd. , operating director Ms. Liu Ying: Hubei Sibao Co. , Ltd. , project manager of R & D Department Mr. Zhang Jie: Hangzhou nuobang non-woven Co. , Ltd. , managing director Ms. song Songyun: mr. Yan Xiangyu, deputy general manager of Beijing New Generation Market Monitoring Agency Co. , Ltd. : Ms. Gu Jian, head of non-woven materials and engineering department of Textile College of Donghua University: Mr. Guo boat, director of Jiangsu Provincial Health Supervision Institute: mr. Jiang Ligang, deputy manager of China REACH solutions center and regulatory division: Hangzhou bailaiya Holding Co. , Ltd. , research and development director (Invited)Mr. Bob Reichman: nespike company of the United States, authoritative expert in water treatment microorganisms (Invited)
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