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( The basic technical principle of spun-bonded non-woven process]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-13
Spun-bonded non-woven fabric is a kind of avirulent and harmless, environmental protection products. USES a very wide range, such as environmental protection bags, bedding, lining, industrial process, and so on, has a good anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, antistatic, antibacterial, thermal insulation performance, etc. Spun-bonded non-woven fabric in general, the basic technical principle of spun-bonded non-woven process is: biopsy drying - feeding to melt extrusion, silk spinning - cooling draft - points web and web reinforcement. Lai chi below small make up detailed introduce to everyone. After baking, slicing thousand cast slice with diced get polymer usually contain certain moisture, must be removed before spinning drying. For aqueous polymer slices, such as polypropylene, not dry. Slice the purpose of drying can be summarized as the following three points: ( 1) Water cut slices. Such as polyester chip, when the molten hydrolysis, decreased relative molecular mass, affect the quality of yarn. ( 2) Water evaporation at high temperatures, can form bubbles, or hair silk spinning break easily. ( 3) Aqueous polyester chip is amorphous structure, low softening point, the screw of the charging period of easy to soften the caking, ring binder resistance material phenomenon, affecting normal production. Second, spinning equipment and technology of the spinning spun-bonded method using basic consistent with chemical fiber spinning. The main equipment and accessories are screw extruder and spinneret. Three, stretching just shape of melt spinning fiber ( The primary fiber) Low strength, elongation at large, the structure is unstable, and therefore does not have the textile processing the required performance, must pass a stretch. After stretching, fiber of low order the macromolecular orientation degree enhancement, the fiber axis at the same time with variation density, crystallinity and other structures. Orientation degree rise, make the fiber fracture strength significantly increased, the elongation at break decreased, wear resistance and fatigue resistance are also improved obviously. Drawing the main means of nascent fibers are roller mechanical stretching and airflow stretching two kinds. In spun-bonded non-woven fabric production, the spinning and drawing, web and reinforcement for continuous, requires drawing finished in a very short time. It is difficult to use roller mechanical drawing, and at the same time of stretching, also requires a air cooling to prevent adhesion of the fibers. In practice, therefore, we adopt airflow stretching or mechanical stretching and stretching a combination of stretching, individual use roller mechanical drawing. Four, points the so-called silk silk after stretching refers to the tow separated into single filaments, in order to prevent the net fiber stick together or form. Commonly used wire method has the following kinds: 1. 2 points filament method. Mechanical filament method 3. 4 force charged method. Friction charged five, web after stretching, silk filament must be evenly spread evenly to the shade on this network. Into the key is to control the movement of the filament, its control method has the following two kinds: 1. Airflow control 2. Mechanical control six, net through network can take away the blowing air absorption, control tow rebound. To this end, in a net curtain consists of about 20 cm thick vertical diversion are wind orifice plate, in order to prevent the reverse flow blown over fabric. Fiber screen in the direction of the wind roll suction border set pair, top roller diameter is larger, more bright and clean, and a clean knife to prevent the roll. The roll diameter is small, usually USES the rubber roller, to clamping fiber net and into the shade. Auxiliary suction duct suction air pressure net directly, to control the fabric attached on a net curtain. Seven, reinforcement reinforcement is the last procedure, through strengthening the fabric has a certain strength, elongation, such as performance, to meet the demand of the products. Reinforcement mainly include the following. 1. Self bonding reinforcement 2. Strengthen the 3 hot glue. Acupuncture reinforcing 4. Composite reinforcement
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