The development of non-woven fabric production in China

by:Sunshine     2020-09-23
1, have wide development market in China ( 1) At present, China's rapid economic development, the income of the residents also constantly improve, the engineering construction in our country become the driving force of national development, the three gorges project, real estate development, environmental protection engineering, infrastructure has been on the rise, the area is more and more modern construction methods, such as continuous open house and lightweight structure has been widely used, increase the quality of roofing waterproof layer. With polyester spun-bonded acupuncture nonwovens used as base, and the APP, match the SBS modified asphalt, it can produce high quality waterproof coiled material, will bring the huge market space. The second is the rapid development of traffic cause in our country, our country will produce millions of vehicles a year, at the same time, a lot of people buy a car, and each car more than 10 kilograms of non-woven fabrics are going to use for insulation material, the trunk, carpet, shock-proof material, canopy material. Progress of different areas of China will be a strong pull all sorts of health absorbent products, medical and health supplies, air filtration materials, labor insurance style supplies and the promotion of geotextile, waterproof materials, filtration materials, packaging materials consumption, the development of these areas between also causes intense competition between enterprises, to demand a low price, efficiency low, the production of such issues, and high quality, versatility of spun-bonded fabric market prospects look good. In the field of non-woven fabric production, only high performance and high added value and meet the special requirements in the field of product, can bring more profit. ( 2) Disposable hygiene products non-woven fabric is one of the biggest consumptive market. Sanitary napkin and baby diapers in China such as huge demand, consumption is about 39. 9 billion pieces of sanitary napkin in our country, each year 61 market penetration. 4%; Baby diapers consumption for 41. 700 million, 9 market penetration. 43%; 17. 8 billion pieces of sanitary pads consumption, a market penetration of 6. 17%; Adult diapers, Including diaper) 1. 1. 8 billion pieces, nursing pad sales 2. 3. 3 billion pieces. The extensive use of airflow into mesh cloth, hot rolling cloth, SMS fabric. Visible with non-woven fabric market broad space for development in our country, we have already occupied the market, domestic production can not fully meet the demand of the above situation, under the stimulus of a non-woven industry upstream industry - — Domestic chemical fiber industry is developing very rapidly, provide material support, and non-woven industry will be enormous potential for development. 2, the development direction of non-woven fabric production in China has appeared on the market for polypropylene and polyester as the raw material made of non-woven bag, the bag is not easy to wet by water, is suitable for clothes, cotton was senior knitwear, such as disposable packaging, its price is low, can make use of, the second alternative paper bag and the price is slightly lower than senior bond paper bags, service life is longer than paper bags, non-woven handbag is gradually accepted by the domestic market and the western market, become a recognized international protection of the earth's ecological environmental protection product. In the process of developing the non-woven bags have become rich and colorful color and pattern, show a feature rich, vivid, lively, flocking non-woven more solemn, elegant features. Now big st. Paul, woodpecker, among, valentino, B2, a little red, a batch of famous brand clothing enterprises, such as France shipping magnate, chose the non-woven bags as its brand clothing packaging bags. Shows, the vast market of non-woven bags, business suit bags, and its raw materials procurement, typesetting, printing, sewing processing production links such as technical content is not high, are involved in the manufacture of non-woven bags become the development direction of non-woven fabric production in China. At the same time, starting from the future of our nonwoven needled filter material in quantity will also further development, the national annual production, market and sales are likely to exceed 20 million m2, will be further development of new varieties, high quality, high performance filter, and with other fiber compound needled filter felt.
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