The factors influencing acupuncture non-woven custom

by:Sunshine     2020-09-24
Many clients in acupuncture non-woven custom are very impatient to know the price, once the various parameters to come over, hopefully we immediately provide the corresponding prices. In fact, acupuncture non-woven fabric price is not immediately can quote, it will be influenced by many factors, mainly reflected in the following three aspects. 1, quantity: acupuncture non-woven custom associated with the number of price, we all know that no matter what do you want to do is 1000 square meters, or to be an area of 5000 square meters, all cleaning machines, adjusted the formula it only once. Therefore acupuncture non-woven fabrics to do, the more the number of average per square metre of product labor rate will be lower, so its price will be lower. Because of this, so many clients want to acupuncture non-woven fabric manufacturer able to do the unit price of 5000 square meters to 1000 square meters. Aimed at this situation, many manufacturers are quite helpless, and the customer also don't listen to your explanation. 2, material: acupuncture non-woven custom prices and materials of the intimate relationship, according to customer requirements, choice of material is different, so the price also is different, even the same kind of materials, imported and domestic materials also have difference on price. 3, size cut: if a acupuncture non-woven custom process involves many, will lead to the corresponding labor costs increase, the price of products will increase accordingly. To sum up, the price of the acupuncture non-woven custom main will be affected by the number of product processing, the material, and the influence of size tailoring.
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