The favorable and unfavorable factors affecting the development of non-woven fabric manufacturers

by:Sunshine     2020-09-24
The favorable factors affecting the development of nonwoven industry in China mainly include: industrial policy support, non-woven technology rapid development, in the field of new applications and downstream demand constantly. The adverse factors affecting the development of nonwoven industry in China are mainly form by price competition is given priority to, the lack of brand awareness. 1) Favorable factors, the industrial support policy of the State Council issued a 'textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan' as well as the local government policies, the country in terms of capital, technology, industry standard gives policy support, successively formulated for industry development strategic planning and foundation engineering, greatly boost the development of the industry confidence, has laid a solid foundation for sustainable optimize industry development. B, non-woven technology rapid development at present, China has entered the third stage of technology, to further improve this stage textile technology, production equipment both machine speed, efficiency and process to achieve high-end level, each minute 2000 high-speed needle-punching machine, each minute 1500 stitch sewing machine with a large scale. C, in the new field of application of nonwovens continually constantly has been applied in new fields, especially in health care, new building materials, ecological agriculture, home textile products, because of low cost, environmental protection applicable, constantly in to replace some plastic products, textile products. D, the downstream demand rapid economic development in China, the residents' income continuously improve, the demand for non-woven industry has not been released in full, the per capita 0. 6 kg of non-woven far cannot meet the demand of normal, such as sanitary napkin and baby diaper market demand is soaring. Second, technology constantly breakthroughs, constantly in the field of new applications, thus widely applicable industries, demand is big. Residents living standards continue to improve the material demand big 2) Unfavorable factors for non-woven fabric market space is huge, affected by the market, policy and so on in recent years, the industry new enterprises more, because of technical and financial threshold, the product has certain good and bad are intermingled, competition mode is given priority to with the price, the lack of brand awareness, not conducive to the advancement of industry. We accept usd capital, on the other hand, think: on the policy, stable domestic and international market, improve the ability of independent innovation, speed up the implementation of technical innovation, eliminate backward production capacity, optimizing the regional layout, promote enterprise's core competitiveness, will become the strategic direction of next step. Encourage enterprises to implement merger and reorganization, for textile enterprise financial support and so on a package of measures and opportunities, to accelerate the industry reshuffle.
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