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The improvement of quality is an important task of the current textile industry, and product quality is not empty talk.

by:Sunshine     2021-03-03
Author: Date: 2019-11-22 07:40:21 Hits: 1069 with the advent of continuous economic development and a variety of small processing plants, more modern emphasis on product quality, the quality is good or bad become textile companies The winning weapon to retain customers. Strengthen the training of quality inspection personnel in the textile industry, improve the working ability of textile machinery, formulate a sound corporate management system, learn advanced textile industry quality management methods, carefully collect the latest quality standards in the domestic and foreign textile industry, and related textile and quality association Strengthen the exchange of advanced textile technology. In particular, leading enterprises in the textile industry should take the lead, take the responsibility of large enterprises, apply the current design concepts, meet the actual needs of consumers, and increase quality innovation input. Continuously promote the improvement of the quality of the textile industry. Innovative quality supervision model to create an influential textile industry brand. Adhere to the two-way development of technological innovation and quality improvement. In terms of quality improvement, we must work hard and try our best to achieve it. Identify the acupuncture points, grasp the key points, and ensure results. Now that the traditional advantages of the textile industry are gone, and now consumers’ awareness of consumption is also constantly improving. It is the last resort in the development of enterprises to cater to the market at lower costs. What must be done is to improve quality. Achieve word of mouth. As the Deputy Director of the General Administration of Quality said, the improvement of quality is an important task of the current textile industry. Related tags: Previous: Xiaobai Welfare: A brief introduction to the future development trend of non-woven fabrics [Pictures and texts]
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