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The market is becoming more and more interested in technical textiles

by:Sunshine     2020-04-21
Global Textile network, November 24-Lida India organized an interactive non-woven fabric activity in Coimbatore on October 14 to study how to establish a competitive advantage in technical textiles. About 20 entrepreneurs from South India's textile industry participated in the half-day exchange. The focus of the event is the introduction of LIDA Project and the introduction of NSC non-manufacturing cloth system. Lida India sales manager Mr. Sanjay Murabatte introduces LIDA Project and the latest development trend of Lida non-manufacturing cloth. NSC non-woven fabric French regional sales manager Mr. Peter den OS introduced NSC non-woven fabrics to participants. Senior regional sales manager of UK office Mr. Geoff KERSHAW specifically introduces the machines needed to filter textiles and geotechnical textiles. I also explained the latest NSC development trend. Participants interact with potential investors. Obviously, the market is becoming more and more interested in the field of technology textiles. This interactive activity will help participants get closer to prospective investors.
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