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( The principle of flame retardant non-woven fabric! ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-16
Non-woven fabric can be seen everywhere in our life, everyone is more or less used non-woven, non-woven fabric with moisture, breathable, flexible, not combustion, easy to decompose, color is rich, the advantages of the low cost, can be recycled. There is a call in the middle of the non-woven fabric flame retardant non-woven fabrics, with high strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance, surface smooth, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics, so why can this kind of non-woven fabric flame retardant, let us together to explore the mysteries of these! Flame retardant non-woven fabric as raw materials can be divided into three categories: polyester flame retardant non-woven, pp flame retardant flame retardant non-woven non-woven fabric and glue. The first is divided according to their principal component. Nonwoven flame retardant non-woven, also known as flame retardant, a don't need a spinning and weaving fabric, consisting of the directional or random placement of fiber after friction, looping or glue, or a combination of these measures and in combination with each other made of thin slice, fabric or batts. The first is to participate in the flame retardant, flame retardant mechanism of flame retardant, is a kind of material with additive, usually used in polyester plastic, textile, etc. , are added to the polyester after improve material burns or prevent burning to achieve the intention of the flame retardant, then increase the fire safety of materials.
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