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The United States launches the latest non-woven fabric processing method

by:Sunshine     2019-12-21
U. S. GIBCO company recently introduced PlasmaTM non-woven fabric surface treatment technology. PlasmaTM is a patented atmospheric glow discharge surface treatment system that performs functional discharge treatment on narrow non-woven fiber mesh. Through the treatment of both sides of the fiber network, the system can adjust the fiber network to obtain uniform and consistent treatment effect to promote surface hydrophilic performance. The chemical cost of processing is very low, the reaction in the release area is less, and high and lasting surface energy is produced, ensuring the bonding force of dyes, ink coatings and adhesives. GIBCO's PlasmaTM atmospheric negative ion surface treatment technology can produce non-woven fabrics with very good performance. Solutions specially designed according to the needs of users include improved coloring performance of natural and synthetic fiber wipes, heat insulation and electronic separators, and bonding performance of coatings.
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