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The US non-woven fabric Association values the Chinese market

by:Sunshine     2019-12-17
As a producer and consumer of non-woven fabrics and engineering fabrics, China's importance is increasing. For this reason, the American non-woven fabric Association (INDA) There will be a unique new education seminar with the theme 'trade in China: focus on exports '. According to the organizers, the seminar is aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Linda's first such seminar will provide in-depth insights on how US companies trade in China, and even companies that trade with China now will be inspired by expert advice. President Linda believes that as world trade is getting smaller and smaller, the influence of Asia, especially China, is increasing, therefore, it is necessary for US companies seeking to expand international trade to develop a plan on how to trade in China. Linda member companies, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises that have not yet formulated international strategies, need to regard China as the key point in their trade plan. The topics of the seminar include: the secret of yield; Where to start the market access strategy; Registered trademark; Logistics and capital; Chinese culture and trade agreement. (China teachers' daily)
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