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Toray the company expansion in China high-performance anti-non-woven fabric capacity

by:Sunshine     2020-05-01
Dongli Industrial Co. , Ltd. and Dongli Advanced Materials Korea Co. , Ltd (TAK) Will expand in China's branch dongliplitek (Nantong) Limited company's high-performance Polypropylene anti-stick non-woven fabric capacity. The new facility will have a capacity of 20 thousand tons/year and will be dongliplitek (Nantong) The production capacity of the limited company has increased to 78000 tons/year. This new facility is expected to start operation in December 2014, bringing Dongli Group's polypropylene anti-adhesive non-woven fabric production capacity to 14. 10 thousand tons/year. In China, the annual demand for disposable baby diapers is expected to grow rapidly, from 14 billion in 2012 to 38 billion in 2020, due to changes in people's lifestyle, prompted most health product manufacturers to expand their facility capacity, leading to medium-sized manufacturers entering the market. The expansion of production capacity of Dongli Industrial Co. , Ltd. and Dongli Advanced Materials Korea Co. , Ltd. in China is a response to the strong demand of China's powerful polypropylene anti-stick non-woven fabrics, at the same time, it is also the requirement of disposable baby diapers for high-performance materials to consolidate cost competitiveness. (China textile Network)
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