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Trutzler will show a variety of new non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2020-01-20
Three companies, trutzler non-woven and man-made fiber, trutzler needle cloth and Voith Paper, will be in April 8 ~ International non-woven exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland on the 11th (INDEX2014) The high-yield Streamliner drum dryer, BWT203- 30 full-automatic horizontal Winder and high-efficiency, new and reliable non-woven fabric technology such as fiber loosening, mesh forming and reinforcement production line. At this exhibition, trutzler nonwoven and man-made fiber company will display Streamliner hot air penetrating dryer with the highest drying efficiency and BWT203-specially designed for spunlaced production line- 30 automatic surface drive winding machine two customized new components. Streamliner drum dryer has the advantages of high evaporation capacity and production speed up to 400 m/min. The dryer can greatly increase production capacity while reducing energy consumption by 30%. The new spiral design of the machine has the best air guiding effect, and is especially suitable for the production of spunlaced non-woven fabrics with high residual moisture content. BWT203- 30 fully automatic horizontal winding machine is driven by Edge, which is easy to operate and can shorten the installation and start-up time of the spunlaced production line. At this exhibition, trutzler partners-- Voith Paper will focus on the complete production line from fiber loosening, netting, reinforcement to winding. The production line can solve all wet-process net-forming problems that can be used for cleaning cloth and other non-woven equipment. If the length-to-diameter ratio of the fiber is within a certain range and can be dispersed in water, then wet networking can be carried out on the production line. The recovery and preparation of these fibers is the core technology of Voith Paper making. In addition, trutzler needle Cloth Company has recently expanded the product range of surface-treated metal needle cloth. At this exhibition, the company will display Tin Lin, messy rollers and doers with 'B' code, which are especially suitable for the production of sanitary products; Among them, the 450-tooth-dense new doffer needle cloth NovoDoff is especially suitable for the production of spunlaced low-weight non-woven fabrics, because the needle cloth has its optimized transfer characteristics, so it is most suitable for processing long fiber raw materials.
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